Rwandan Barista Championships

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Rwandan Barista Championships

Postby drew johnson on Thu Feb 12, 2009 3:15 pm

just got forwarded an excerpt from a correspondence written by John Sanders in Rwanda:

"i am in rwanda as i type. holding the national barista championships, with Lamarzocco and
Compak. We only have one grinder Peter Oweti brought from Kenya and
there may be a grinder coming from Uganda."

...and so i just wanted to put the road to the wbc in perspective. grinder debates etc. i've got a bit of fury roaming around in my person that i hope turns into something productive. i hope that some of the companies bringing in rwandan coffee, and pretty much any african coffees (last yrs ethiopian barista championships were cancelled) are considering ways of improving parity. i know some already are, but i also know some folks were hard to find when donations were sought.

here's to everybody working for free, donating time and expertise, money when possible and grinders when necessary.

ps. the grinder from uganda arrived in time.
Drew Johnson
drew johnson
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Re: Rwandan Barista Championships

Postby sarahdelilah on Sat Feb 14, 2009 3:02 pm

Oh my goodness the Rwanda barista championship has been so freakin amazing. 14 first-time competitors who have brought an unparalleled level of enthusiasm and heart to the event. All of us judges and friends of the competitors have shed many a tear this weekend over the passion -- this is really and truly passion, for coffee but also a country
-- I'm totally without words...

Except to say holla to Jean Pierre of Bourbon coffee, who is the first ever Rwanda barista champ! And he's so absolutely awesome. My goodness...

Gotta say before signing off that I have never ever ever seen people more dedicated to helping and nurturing and scolding and butt-whooping and loving and encouraging to a group of fist time competitors who are freaked out of their minds, as sanders and shane have been. Cheers cheers cheers to you guys and your intense and compassionate energy.

And Jean Pierre, man, you are Rwanda. The world can't wait to meet you in the ATL.
sarah allen
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Re: Rwandan Barista Championships

Postby Matt Milletto on Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:48 pm

Sounds like an amazing time. Congrats to all competitors and all involved, and especially to Jean Pierre and Arthur K. at Bourbon Coffee. It has been great to watch the company grow over the past couple years. Keep up the great work.
matt milletto
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